Magnolia Anti-Friction Metal


Meets all requirements for general use. Offers good resistance to compression and has the lowest co- efficient of friction of any known bearing metal, 1/3 that of genuine babbitt. Is largely self-lubricated. Typical Applications... Line shafting...electric motors 10 to 250 hp.... winches... pumps... propeller shafts... cement mills ... general machinery.


Defender Bearing Metal

This is an effective lead-base substitute for Adamant. Defender metal will give excellent service under all shock loads with the possible exception of the bearings of some diesel engines. It has better anti-friction qualities than Adamant but must be poured with care, because Defender does not bond to the shell as easily as Adamant.

Pyramid Bearing Metal

A chemically hardened lead-base alloy in which hardness, strength and high melting and softening points are combined. It has a lower coefficient of friction than Power. Laboratory and exhaustive field tests show that Pyramid stands up equally as well as Power Bearing Metal under severe applicationsĀ such as paper mill calender stacks and hydraulic turbines.




A "genuine" babbitt metal alloyed especially for malleability, strength and toughness. Will not crack or chip even when subjected to extremely severe shock loads. Easy to pour, conforms well to the shell. Typical Applications... Internal combustion engines... trap rock crushers... sifter machinery.

DZL Marine Nickel Genuine Babbitt

Maximum-duty, tin-base for combinations of excessive shock, heavy pressure and abnormal temperatures such as in diesel connecting rods. One of the only babbitts ever made that will stand up in diesel engine bearings. DZL also excels in rock crusher applications where toughness as well as imbedability are critical.

Power Nickel-Genuine Babbitt

Designed to withstand extremely heavy, sustained loads and high local heat conditions. It is alloyed for strength and hardness and will not squeeze out even under very heavy pressure. Typical Applications... Marine reciprocating engines... water turbines... paper mill calendar stacks... rolling mill machinery.


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