Babbitted Bronze Bearings

Magnolia leads the industry in manufacturing babbitted bronze bearings to exacting standards.

Magnolia Metal Corporation now combines its fully modernized foundry and machine shop to produce precision babbitted bearings. Magnolia Grade II Babbitt, made from all virgin materials, is used in our Babbitt Bearings. Special Babbitt alloys are available upon request. Magnolia's centrifugal cast macine is capable of spinning 3" - 24" diameter bore, with a maximum length of 26". The Babbitt thickness is determined by the application. Magnolia's stocking program permits off the shelf service in many cases.

Precision ground fixtures are used to machine Bearing Crush. Bearing Crush is the amount of the Bearing shell that protrudes above the exact centerline of the main housing or Connecting Rod Bore. Compressive force applied to the split ine of a bearing conforms the Bearing to the housing or Connecting Rod in which it is placed. Final inspection is conducted with the Bearing placed in precision ground fixtures to assure proper bearing clearance and crush.

Magnolia Delivers:

  • Over 2,000,000 lbs. in stock
  • We stock the best: C-936, as well as Lead-Free B-1©. Other special alloys: C 903, 928, 937, 941.
  • Parts made to your blue prints.
  • Radii, keyways, oil grooves, windows, and perfect halves.
  • Parts from 1/2" to 34" O.D.

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