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Although bronze castings are our specialty, we also make bearings and even use lead-free B-1 bronze for castings.

Discover for yourself why so many companies are specifying Magnolia’s bronze castings and bearings. Bronze is simply the best!

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Magnolia Products

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Completely Finished Bronze

Our steel-cast bronze wears much longer and is far tougher and stronger than the best sand cast product.

Continuous Cast Bronze

The continuous cast process permits the metal to chill quickly, producing an even or isotropic crystal structure.

Semi-Finished Bearings

Maintaining a large inventory and wide range of sizes in stock enables us to act immediately in a critical delivery situation.

Babbitted Bronze Bearings

We lead the industry in manufacturing babbitted bronze bearings to exacting standards.



Our Babbitt metal is available for those looking to line their own bearings or parts.