Magnolia B-1© Lead-Free Bronze

Time For A Change?

Lead has been identified in numerous studies as a health and environmental concern. Recent actions in California and elsewhere have targeted the removal of lead from a number of products. Regardless of its hazard, lead has been a key component of bronze, imparting anti-friction properties, aiding in machinability, etc. Solving an environmental problem has created a cost and application problem.


Magnolia B-1© reduces the lead contained in bronze to a level that falls below MSDS reporting requirements. Lead in even small amounts is now a cause of concern. On the job, lead present in alloys that are machined becomes airborne, and also remains in the chips generated. Lead is stringently classified as hazardous waste. Magnolia has reduced this toxic lead component in its alloy to less than one-tenth of one percent. Magnolia B-1© replaces lead in part with bismuth, an element so safe it is commonly found in cosmetics and over-the-counter remedies for indigestion.

Lead Free Bronze


Current generic lead-free alloys, such as CDA 903 and CDA 954 aluminum bronze, are expensive. Add to that cost the additional expense caused by poor machining rates. In a typical $4 bearing, only about $1 is material — the balance is labor. Magnolia B-1© machines almost twice as fast as either CDA 954 or CDA 903, producing a true chip, not a chunk or a stringer. Cutting machine times in half will, by itself, make this new bronze more cost-effective than other alloys.


Other currently offered “lead-free” compounds have focused only on being lead-free. Most are hard, brittle, and lack the anti-galling properties critical to bearing applications. Some of these materials even contain zinc. CDA 903 and CDA 954 are actually referred to as “hard bronzes”. Magnolia B-1© Lead Free Bronze was specifically designed to match the properties of leaded alloys. Our new B-1© Bronze has a co-efficient of friction within 15% of CDA 932 leaded bronze. Being zinc-free, it is more resistant to corrosion.

Resolve Your Lead Concerns An Easier Way

If you think lead might be a problem, but you’re not ready to make a material specification change, simply have Magnolia furnish your parts completely machined to your blue-prints. This will eliminate your having to deal with airborne metallics, lead-containing chips, etc. Magnolia has spent the time and funds to be a safe producer of leaded alloys. In fact, one of our biggest customer groups is other bronze foundries! Many do not or cannot pour the leaded bronzes Magnolia casts and stocks. Magnolia’s expertise, the ability to recycle our own chips, etc, adds up to savings for you. Our price is very often lower than your true in-house cost, regardless of environmental considerations. With a return rate of less than 1/2 of 1 per cent of material shipped over the last ten years, your quality is assured. Decide to save money and eliminate potential problems. Give us a change to quote your next bronze requirement, and find out for yourself.