CDA 936

CDA 936 — A Better Process, A Better Product

Magnolia Bronze bushings and bearings, are either cast continuously or centrifugally cast in slowly rotating steel molds. They remain absolutely free of any hidden sand particles which may damage the shaft. This unique castings process allows for a uniform, or “isotropic” crystal structure unlike that found in sand cast metals. In addition to eliminating all pattern costs, the Magnolia method gives you a perfect bearing metal at a price often surprisingly lower than the original equipment manufacturer’s replacement part.

Compare these two photos:

Magnolia Continuous-Cast Bronze. Uniform crystal structure. Absence of segregated lead. A perfect bearing metal. Photo at 500 diameters (unretouched).

Conventional Sand-Cast Bronze. Same alloy Conglomerate sponge structure showing segregated lead and Cu-Sn crystals. Photo at 500 diameters (unretouched).

CDA 936 Superior to CDA 932

Tests conducted in both a national laboratory and a major university confirm Magnolia CDA 936 consistently outperforms CDA 932 (SAE 660) under the most difficult conditions in test after test. The bearings were run with inadequate lubrication until temperatures exceed 400 degrees F. Under these severe conditions, in some instances the CDA 932 wore out three times faster than CDA 936. In NO test did CDA 932 out perform CDA 936. Newly completed tests by a major university also prove that Magnolia’s CDA 936 alloy has a significantly higher failure resistance than CDA 932. Despite extreme circumstances, operating without lubrication, CDA 936 ran an average of 78% longer than CDA 932, and with none of the incidents of severe shaft scoring found among the CDA 932 tests.

Below are some more reasons why CDA 936 is better:

  • Higher lead content gives better lubricating properties and provides better co-efficient of friction. Bearings run cooler, last longer.
  • Lower in zinc, CDA 936 machines 13% more freely than CDA 932.
  • One and a half times as resistant to pounding.
  • Acid resisting to sulfite fluids due to lower zinc. CDA 936 can be used in areas where CDA 932 would corrode.