#120 High-Lead

#120 High-Lead

Formulated specifically for bearings that are difficult to lubricate or subject to high local heat, #120 High Lead is the ideal metal when lubrication is doubtful, yet strength is required. The higher lead content (20%) of Magnolia’s #120 High Lead Bronze allows the bearing to withstand a harsher environment, absorbing dirt, grit and other foreign matter that may otherwise damage the shaft. #120 High Lead has as much as 3 times the lead content of SAE 660 and only 1/3¬†the zinc content.

Magnolia’s unique casting process overcomes the problems found in sand and centrifugal castings and assures that the lead is evenly dispersed throughout the metal. #120 High Lead has been readily substituted for alloy CDA 938, 941, 943, and 945 applications.

Compare Quality High Lead Bronze Photomicrograph

The bronze shown in these unretouched photomicrographs are both very high leaded bronzes (20% lead), the difference being the casting process.

Note the superior consistency of mixture in the top photo. Cast in steel, using Magnolia’s exclusive crystal control treatment, assures completely uniform dendritic crystallization and absence of segregation. This is the perfect bronze bearing metal.

The bottom photo is bronze cast in sand, without Magnolia’s exclusive crystal control treatment. Notice the conglomerate sponge structure showing black segregated lead and white Cu-Sn crystals. This is ordinary bronze, definitely inferior in quality. Absolutely none of Magnolia Bronze products are cast in sand. Therefore, all are free from segregated elements, trapped gases and internal faults. Why just “hope” to get a good casting, when Magnolia will guarantee one.