Continuous Cast Bronze

Our Continuous Casting is a BETTER Process

Bronze is really a "mixture," not an alloy; the faster it cools, the more homogenous the mix. The continuous cast process permits the metal to chill quickly, producing an even or isotropic crystal structure. Blowholes and inclusions are eliminated; the customer is assured of a uniformity and reliability unobtainable in sand casting.

Continuous cast bronze is produced on one of three vertical units in diameters up to 12 1/2 inches, and in several alloys. Bars are cast in over 300 standard sizes, in special shapes and sizes, and in stock lengths of 105" or up to 144". Nominal sizes have enough overage to permit finishing to listed dimensions. These bars are sold with only a $100 minimum order charge. An inventory of over 2,000,000 pounds permits same day or next day shipment from stock.

Save On Machining

Magnolia Continuous-Cast Bronze can be finish machined at high speeds and feeds. A skin cut will finish machine Magnolia Continuous-Cast Bronze to nominal size. It is never necessary to finish machine a second time since Magnolia CDA 936 (Modified SAE 64) holds the finished dimensions to which it is machined. With it's lower zinc content, CDA 936 machines 13% more freely than CDA 932 (SAE 660). This means longer tool life and less machine time in your shops.

Save with Less Weight

Magnolia Continuous-Cast Bronze finish machines to the size you order. It is never necessary to purchase "oversize" castings if you buy Magnolia Continuous-Cast Bronze. Purchase the exact diameters and lengths to which you want to finish machine. Let Magnolia cut your blanks, eliminating wasteful scrap ends.

Save by Recycling

Magnolia will buy back scrap if kept separate and dry. Reduce your total cost by returning solids and clean dry turnings directly to the mill.

Save with Special Shapes

Let a Magnolia sales engineer or distributor help you design a continuous cast part to more closely resemble your finished parts.



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