Completely Finished Bronze

Ready-to-use parts machined to your blueprints

Magnolia bronze bearings are all either cast continuously or cast in steel. No sand is used in manufacturing. This entirely eliminates patterns and core boxes with savings passed on to you. Because all your machining can be done by Magnolia, you are saved additional machine time in your own plant, resulting in lower costs. All castings are machined. No bronze is shipped in an "as cast" state.

Magnolia steel-cast bronze wears much longer and is far tougher and stronger than the best sand cast product. Being absolutely free of any hidden sand particles insures a longer life for your shaft.

The Magnolia crystal control method of centrifugal casting allows for a uniform or "isotropic" crystal structure, unlike that found in sand cast metals, while raising physical characteristics far above the requirements for similar formula sand castings.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Radii, keyways, oil grooves, windows and perfect halves.
  • Large bronze blanks, steel-cast up to 34" body O.D.; 26" in length.
  • Flange bushings through 34" O.D. of flange.
  • Drilling-grooving
  • Sawcut halves and segments
  • Split and sweat
  • Windows - pockets
  • Washers
  • Rings
  • Rectangles/square


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