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Celebrating 127 years of quality products and great service.

Semi-finished Bearings
Babbitt Bronze Bearings
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At Magnolia Metal, we have continued to innovate and improve over our one hundred year history. Our goal is to keep every customer satisfied with the highest quality product and customer service possible.

Magnolia Metal currently serves a diverse collection of customers, with a variety of standard and non-standard alloys available to perfectly fit any customer's needs. Built on quality and customer service, the company ships world-wide. Returns over the last 10 years have averaged less than one-half of one percent. Our foundry and machine shop are located in Auburn, Nebraska, with a sales and accounting office in Omaha, Nebraska. From blanks to parts made to your blueprints, Magnolia can handle all your requirements. Feel free to browse our diverse array of products and alloys, download MSDS forms, or send us an email!


Magnolia Bronzes are guaranteed to be free from all defects. In Magnolia Bronze there are no blow-holes, no sand spots, no segregated elements,no flaws. . . no under-surface faults of any kind to cause rejection.

In accordance with industry practices, guarantee is limited to free replacement of material returned. Buy why just "hope" to get a good casting? Magnolia's quality control procedure has resulted in returns of less than 1/2 of 1% of all material shipped over the last ten years. This standard of excellence combined with our special alloy and our unique casting process assures you of the best possible value in bearing bronze.